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Top Fifty Fun Facts Blogs

fun facts blogs

Just because anyone with an internet connection has nearly limitless information at their fingertips, doesn’t mean that we don’t sometimes crave a little mindless trivia. Go ahead, forget a few random dates from that art history class, and focus on these much more interesting facts instead. Take a look at the fifty blogs we’ve selected and who knows, you might be just a little more interesting yourself at the next party.

Top Five

  1. The Fact SiteBands, the blues, baguettes — virtually every topic imaginable qualifies as fodder for this catch-all blog that’s designed to celebrate facts of all subjects and varieties. This is an excellent site for you to shore up your knowledge on topics that you might not otherwise think of pursuing or researching, from facts about penguins and Bugs Bunny, to dirtier realms like sex toys and the world’s most dangerous spots.
    • Why We Love It: Come here when you’re in the mood to surprise yourself with a selection of facts that is as miscellaneous as it is mirthful.
    • Favorite Post: Thirty Facts About 30 Seconds to Mars
  2. The J-Walk BlogAlthough this site proclaims to be little more than a halfway decent blog, the content of the page distinguishes it from other sites with far fewer facts, and less interesting selections at that. Blogger John uses this site as a platform in the exercise of knowledge, curiosity, and wonder. Visitors to the page are more than welcome to benefit from his efforts, with pieces on sundry themes like the Smurfs and Sarah’s glasses.
    • Why We Love It: Readers can take advantage of one man’s quest for ceaseless new facts with this charming site.
    • Favorite Post: Pancho is Missing
  3. Wait, I Know This!One realm that remains an endless source of knowledge and pleasure is pop culture. And in the pop culture universe, television seems to be a prime source of trivia factoids and treasures. This website caters to classic television fans and makes new ones out of those unfamiliar with American TV from the 50s, 60s, and 70s with a consistent stream of informative posts on the topic.
    • Why We Love It: This is the best site around to cram your brain with random and wonderful facts from television’s golden ages. The Brady Bunch and John Lennon have made for recent, resounding features.
    • Favorite Post: Classic TV Christmas Specials
  4. Like Totally 80sPreviously derided as kitschy, tacky, and environmentally inconsiderate, the synths and power ballad trends of the 80s have recently become in vogue once more. If you’re looking for a place to stay on the cutting edge of the booming 80s revival, no better site exists than this one. Nearly every day, you’ll find some new, never-before-known fact and trivia trinket about the decade.
  5. French Word of the DayWe decided to include this blog in our top five selections not because we want to indoctrinate everyone with the French language, but rather because we were so impressed with this site’s detailed and comprehensive features that arrive on a nearly daily basis. Even if you don’t know a lick of French, just seeing one of these posts will likely get that day’s particular word or phrase indelibly stuck in your noggin. Take a look, and prepare to say “ooh la la” a bit more often.
    • Why We Love It: This blog provides both Frenchies and those who don’t know French with an interesting new word or phrase for their vocabularies or imaginations.
    • Favorite Post: Aviner

The Rest of the Best

  • A Blog for GuysThis manly, macho blog presents Today’s Totally Stupid Random Fact on a frequent basis. It’s a great way for real men to stay real smart and sharp.
  • Amazing FactsThis site scours the world for extremely interesting and never-before-known details. Learn something new and fresh as often as you’d like here.
  • Amazing Health TriviaOur bodies and brains are not at all completely figured out yet. Come to this site for the latest and most interesting new details we’ve learned about our bodily world.
  • American History Fun FactsYour country tis of thee, and this blog is filled with great facts to celebrate the tuneful greatness of the country. Be patriotic here, and pique your interest too.
  • Color LoversEver wondered about the difference between mahogany and burnt sienna? Turn to this colorful fact pages and get the pigments straightened out.
  • Denmark Fun FactsYou’d be surprised, but Denmark is actually a treasure trove for unique and charming new information. Fill your noggin with what’s great about the country here.
  • Eat My TriviaGourmands and oenophiles will join hands and jump for joy with this food-based trivia site. Learn enough new trinkets here to keep you full till the next Turkey Day.
  • Fact Monster: This Day in HistoryWhat makes today special? Turn her daily, and learn why every day is a momentous one.
  • Fake ScienceDo you prefer your fun facts to be more fun than factual? Then you should be just the type to enjoy the silly science details that appear here often.
  • Fun FactsThis Australia-based fun facts page boasts a bunch of amusing factoids and trinkets to read well the world over. It gives a great use to useless information.
  • Fun Music TriviaDoes music of all styles and genres appeal to you? Then you’ll particularly enjoy this blog’s focus on music facts from a variety of tunes and lyrics.
  • Funny Facts BlogThis site has recently brought up salient notions about zebras and chewing gum, among its sundry topics. Come here for something out of the box, yet intriguing.
  • Great Quotes — Powerful MindsThe best leaders of our world have provided endlessly inspirational phrases that some of us wish we could read about daily. For those people, this blog will really gleam.
  • Helpul TriviaSometimes, you can come across trivia that gives your brain some stimulation, but no real satisfaction or purpose. Yuriy’s site specializes in purposeful factoids.
  • Invention of the DayThere’s nothing better than learning about a new gizmo that has made, or will one day make, your life a little better. Footbrake and keyrobics are the latest features.
  • Ireland Fun FactsThe Emerald Isle is bursting with cool facts and info beyond just four-leaf clovers and leperchauns. Learn more about what makes Ireland so interesting here.
  • Ken JenningsKen Jennings is the biggest winner ever in the history of the game show Jeopardy. His blog finds him amazingly spouting out even more new facts and points of knowledge.
  • LSNEDWhat’s the first thing you’ll learn on this page? That would be the meaning of its acronym title: Learn Something New Every Day.
  • Mental FlossThis site is well known for its coverage of a huge range of knowledge bases. Recent post topics include Rin Tin Tin and chameleons.
  • Mercedes Benz TriviaThis famous German luxury automobile is now moonlighting as a well for wildly entertaining trivia. Come here often and learn more than you thought you could of the car.
  • Movie MistakesHave you ever seen a film and wondered how that weird and errant detail made it in? This trivia blog focuses on compiling all those cinema goofs.
  • Movie QuotesEvery movie has one phrase at least that sticks with you. Every great film phrase manages to stick to this blog and make for its fodder.
  • Music Theory TriviaFor the music theory fanatics out there, this is their own tailor-made fun facts blog. Key signatures, scales, and much more appear here regularly.
  • My ThemesWhat’s the most common way by which people remember their favorite TV shows and films? This site provides a huge and amusing argument that it’s via the theme song.
  • Nutrition FactsThis blog is about so much more than just what appears on the back of your juice box carton. Come here to pick up new and fun bits of info about your favorite foods.
  • Official Fun Facts BlogThis is one of the Web’s most reliable sources of satisfyingly awesome random facts. There’s also a nice Today in History feature.
  • People QuizFill your brain to the rim with fun new details and quirks about life here. There’s even info here on Australian prime ministers, for your everyday benefit.
  • Pop Culture DishIf someone were just waking up from a twenty-year coma, this would be a great site to update their pop culture knowledge in a fun way. Everyone has a ton to learn here.
  • Pop KwizThis blog will field readers three brand new pop culture and music questions and facts daily. It’s the perfect way to maintain your savvy of contemporary trends.
  • SciensationalThe inner Curie in you would jump for you at this science-based facts blog. Topics like astronomy and biology receive special feature pages.
  • Song FactsThink you know every melody from every major song — ever? Let this blog regularly assess your song knowledge skills.
  • Sports TriviaAthletics aficionados will rejoice at this sportive trivia page. Every day, pick up a few new factoids fit for the gridiron.
  • Strange FactsThe title says it all here. This is your one-stop-shop for facts that will make your friends squeam, then smile.
  • StumblerzIf you’ve ever had more than one headscratching question make your brain itch, this is the site for you. It regularly posts answers to zany yet fascinating queries.
  • Time for TriviaGet your trivia fix on a daily basis here, in a fun and engaging way. Every day, it’s tough to leave this page without at least five fascinating facts.
  • Tricky Movie TriviaThis site focuses on bringing you trivia from the most obscure yet obsessed-over cinema. Your movie-going love is charmingly tested often here.
  • Trivia BlogBlogger Yagnyesh is obsessed with new and intriguing details of the world. Share in his passion for fun facts and ideas here.
  • Trivia CafeGet a great Question of the Day and Question of the Week here with every visit. This site puts together new facts from an overwhelming assemblage of subjects.
  • TrivialaWe definitely recommend that lovers of quizzes in trivia come to this blog often. You can compete and learn bunches of new details every day.
  • TriviaplazaLet this blog send you happily hurdling down new realms of facts in a variety of fields. Geography, literature, and more are the categories of choice here.
  • TrivixEvery day, visitors to this blog will find some new quiz or link to satisfy their craving to know more. There’s a great selection of sports factoids in particular.
  • Trotter’s TriviaEvery day, this blog will select a new and sometimes simple word for your everyday pleasure. It’s this site’s way of reminding you to use simple but important words daily.
  • TV PartyDoes something about classic television do something to your neurons, like massage them with heavenly fingers? Think of TV Party, then, as neverending shiatsu.
  • Weird FactsThis blog caters to those who want nothing but the most bizarre facts to fill their head. One recent post details fifty ways to make the best use of your vinegar supply.
  • Word of the links you to a new yet usable word on a daily basis here. It’s an amazingly efficient way to shore up your vocabulary with ease.